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The Centre brings legal doctrinal analysis and philosophical argument to bear on key questions of globalisation, with a view to demonstrating that globalisation raises substantive questions of justice, human rights and democracy, questions that need to be taken very seriously by lawyers, policy-makers, politicians and citizens at the international and national levels.
On the face of it, it seeks to make a contribution to the current debate on two levels: first, to subject existing legal institutions to sustained criticism; second to propose new forms of legal regulation by suggesting a fresh way of thinking about the role law can play in a globalised world.

It is envisaged that this line of enquiry will amount to important conclusions about the content, form and institutional validity of a Constitution of Globalisation.

The Centre collaborates on permanent basis with a number of prominent international reseearch units for a variety of activities: joint conferences, graduate colloquia, joint research projects, collaborative publications and exchange schemes for scholars.

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