Universiteit Antwerpen
Director: Professor George Pavlakos

The research conducted under this program undertakes an investigation of the impact of globalization on the concept of law from the point of view of General Legal Theory and the Philosophy of Law. In addition, extensive use is made of contemporary debates in the Philosophy of Action, Social, Political and Moral Philosophy. Given its interdisciplinary scope, the project focuses on structural as well as substantive aspects of legal orders with an eye to offering an explanatory framework of legal phenomena that lives up to the challenges of the globalised era. Such a framework, it is argued, needs to combine a dynamic understanding of how legal norms and categories evolve in the light of the social, economic and political changes globalization effects, with an account of the specifically normative structure of law as a source of authority, which is legitimate from the point of view of agents who engage in global contexts of action. The two aspects, it is suggested, may be combined through an analysis of the dual character of Law as a system of co-ordination of action: on one hand, the factual aspect that pertains to legal institutional arrangements; on the other, the ideal aspect that refers to the claim law raises to be a legitimate source of normative authority. Research under this program is being funded by an Odysseus Program of the Research Foundation-Flanders.