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Alexia Herwig is an FWO post-doctoral research fellow at the Centre for Law and Cosmopolitan Values in the area of international economic law. Alexia has obtained a JSD and an LLM degree from New York University School of Law and a Bachelor of Science from the London School of Economics and Political Science.
Her current research focuses on the constitutionalisation of the WTO, global distributive justice and labour law aspects raised by the liberalisation of trade in services. Other research interests of hers include European law, international investment protection and food safety regulation under WTO law. Her JSD thesis examines the food safety and consumer choice aspects of trade in genetically modified foods under WTO law.
Alexia has previously been a post-doctoral research associate at the Special Research Centre on Transformations of the State at the University of Bremen, Germany. She has also practised with a Brussels law firm and worked as an intern in the Legal Affairs Division of the WTO. She has received fellowships from the German Academic Exchange Service the GARNET network of excellence.


 “Wither Science in WTO Dispute Settlement?”, 21 Leiden Journal of International Law 4 (2008), 823-846.

“The Precautionary Principle in Support of Practical Reason – An Argument Against Formalistic Interpretations of the Precautionary Principle” in Christian Joerges and Ernst -Ulrich Petersmann (eds.), Constitutionalism, Multilevel Trade Governance and Social Regulation (Oxford: Hart Publishing, 2006), 301-325.


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