Universiteit Antwerpen

Since fall 2013, Samuele is a PhD student in the Globalization and Legal Theory doctoral programme, and is enrolled in the faculty of law at the University of Antwerp. He is also member of LOGOS (research group in Analytic Philosophy), and enrolled as a PhD student in the faculty of philosophy (department of Logic, History and Philosophy of Science), at the University of Barcelona. Before, he graduated in law at the University of Bologna (summa cum laude) with a thesis in the philosophy of law named 'The Pragmatics of Legal Language: Paul Grice and the Philosophy of Law'.
His current research interests fall within the scope of metaphysics and the philosophy of law, focusing on the notions of grounding and truthmaking with a view to understand whether they can be used to recast the debate on the nature of law in new light.
A further thread of research he is pursuing consists in applying the philosophy of language to the interpretation of legal texts.