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The seminar series of the centre brings legal doctrinal analysis and philosophical argument to bear on key questions of globalisation, with an eye to demonstrating that globalisation raises substantive questions of justice, questions that need to be taken very seriously by lawyers and policy-makers at the international and national levels. On the face of it, it seeks to contribute on two levels: first, to subject existing legal institutions to sustained criticism; second to propose new forms of legal regulation by suggesting a fresh way of thinking about the role law can play in a globalised world. By the end of the series, it is hoped, that some more light will have been shed on the content, form and institutional validity of the Constitution of Globalisation.

 Jurisprudence Seminars @ LCV

In collaboration with Jurisprudence journal the Centre for Law and Cosmopolitan Values has initiated a new series of seminars which aim to enable in-depth debate on key aspects of theorizing about law and its relation to analytical moral and political philosophy. With the kind contribution of Hart Publishing this new initiative will enable the regular hosting of distinguished scholars and allow the promotion of cutting edge research. Selected papers will be considered for publication in special issues of Jurisprudence.

Disputationes Triangulae

The Disputationes Triangulae is an initiative of the Hoover Chair (UCLouvain), RIPPLE (KULouvain) and the LCV (UA) bringing together twice a year political and legal philosophers in the analytical tradition. It provides room for short paper presentations followed by extensive debate. It is coordinated by Helder de Schutter (RIPPLE), Axel Gosseries (Hoover Chair) and Georgios Pavlakos (LCV).

Earlier Disputationes
> Disputationes N°4, 2012, Antwerpen
> Disputationes N°3, 2012, Louvain-la-Neuve
> Disputationes N°2, 2011, Leuven
> Disputationes N°1, 2010, Louvain-la-Neuve

For event details, see the chronological list below.


Disputationes Quandrangulae
December 6, 2013 | Disputationes N°6, Louvain-la-Neuve. Disputationes Quandrangulae
December 2-3, 2013 | Scott Soames on Law and Language
November 27, 2013 | Hana Müllerová on 'The right to a favourable environment in the Czech Constitution and its application'
November 4, 2013 | Sylvie Delacroix on Habituation and Practical Reason
September 12, 2013 | Iñigo González Ricoy on Democracy and Short-termism
Graduate Seminar on Coercion: part I and II, June 26th-27th 2013
Mind, Action and Responsibility: Empirical and Non-empirical Perspectives, June 19th-20th 2013
Disputationes Triangulae
Disputationes N°5, 2013, Leuven, June 7th 2013. Disputationes Triangulae
Tyler Burge on The Origins of Normativity, May 24th 2013
Graduate Seminars in Legal Philosophy, May 16th-17th 2013
Graduate Seminars on Kant's Legal and Political Philosophy, February 21st-22nd / May 2nd-3rd 2013
Disputationes Triangulae
Disputationes Triangulae N°4, 2012, Antwerpen, November 29th 2012. Disputationes Triangulae
D. Plunkett on “Dworkin’s Interpretivism and the Pragmatics of Legal Disagreements”, November 30th, 2012
Second Jurisprudence Seminar @ LCV: 'Legality in Focus: A Workshop on Shapiro's Legality', May 31, 2012
R Bellamy (UCL) on 'Political Representation in the EU', April 13, 2012
Onora O'Neill on 'Making Laws' - Jurisprudence Annual Lecture, London Jan 20, 2012
H. Azari on 'The Role of the Intellect in Islamic Law', Dec 19, 2011
Asgeirsson on 'Non-Literal Content and Legal Directives', Dec 12, 2011
The Public Role of Art, Oct-Dec 2011
S Loriaux on 'the Universality of Antipoverty Rights', Oct 14, 2011
D. Plunkett (UCLA) on 'How Facts Make Law', June 20, 2011
S. Darwall (Yale) on 'Bipolar Obligation', June 1, 2011
Jurisprudence Seminars @LCV: Raz's From Normativity to Responsibility, April 8, 2011
N. Kolodny (Berkeley), 'Ought: Between Objective and Subjective', April 6, 2011
A. Mazmanyan (Antwerp) on 'Adjudication of Electoral Disputes by Constitutional Courts', 24 Feb, 2011
Jurisprudence Annual Lecture
Lord R. Plant on 'The Rule of Law', London, Jan 26, 2011 Jurisprudence Annual Lecture
Legal Theory Workshop (UC Louvain) Mar 12, 2010
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'Work in Progress' Series
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