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The Normative Dimension of Law, June 3-4, 2009


The University centre Saint-Ignatius Antwerp (UCSIA) organises, in collaboration with the Centre For Law and Cosmopolitan Values of the University of Antwerp, the academic workshop "The Normative Dimension of Law" (Wednesday June 3rd and Thursday June 4th2009).

At the foundations of any discussion of legal institutions and legal regulation lies the question about the sources of legal authority and normativity. This question becomes the more so pressing with respect to contexts of globalisation: as the emerging global institutional orders are superseeding with increasing speed the authority of national law and sovereignty, the need to re-locate the sources of legal authority becomes pressing. Answers to this question are antecedent to legal doctrine and their early treatment is likely to contribute to a greater degree of conceptual clarity in more applied legal scholarship. The conference will bring together lawyers and philosophers in a search of a concept of law for the 21 century.


The workshop starts with the assumption that the normativity of law is a specific instantiation of the normativity of practical reason to the effect, on the one hand, that a comprehensive study of the normativity of law requires familiarity with the philosophical debate concerning foundational normative issues, and, on the other, that any study of the normativity of law has deep implications for the treatment of the normativity of practical reason.

The approach chosen warrants the interdisciplinary nature of the conference where they will be addressed and discussed at length issues of pertinence of such diverse disciplines as anthropology, jurisprudence, legal theory, metaphysics, meta-ethics, moral theory, political philosophy, and theory of action.

Speakers will be divided in panels of four to discuss a more specific topics. Instead of delivering full-length papers, speakers will be asked to give a short summary of their argument and then engage in panel discussions for about an hour.

Practical Information:

Date: Wednesday 3rd – Thursday 4th 2009
Venue: City Campus, University of Antwerp

Enrolment fee: € 35 for one day € 60 for two days (cold lunch and conference map included)
• This conference was specifically designed for an academic and professional audience. Prior registration with mention of affiliation is required to receive detailed information on modalities for participation.

For more information and registration
tel. +32/(0)3 220 45 99



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The Normative Dimension of Law
Workshop – Antwerp - 3-4 June 2009


Day 1: Normativity - Plans and Conventions
Wednesday June 3rd 2009

09:30 Welcome by the organizers

Topic: Law, Normativity and Plans

09:45 Papers by Scott Shapiro (Yale) and Michael Bratman (Stanford)
11:15 Coffee break
11:30 Papers by Jules Coleman (Yale) and Veronica Rodriguez-Blanco (Birmingham)
13:00 Lunch

Topic: Law, Normativity and Conventions

14:30 Papers by Andrei Marmor, (Southern California) and Stephen Perry (Pennsylvania)
16:00 Coffee break
16:30 Papers by Marco Goldoni (Antwerp) and Dimitrios Kyritsis (Sheffield)
18:00 End
19:00 Dinner

Day 2: Normativity - Autonomy and Objectivity
Thursday June 4th 2009


Topic: Law, Normativity and Autonomy

09:45 Papers by Stefano Bertea (Antwerp and Leicester) and Robert Alexy (Kiel)
11:15 Coffee break
11:30 Papers by Christina Lafont (Northwestern University) and Markus Willascheck (Frankfurt am Main)
13:00 Lunch

Topic: Law, Normativity and Objectivity

14:30 Papers by Nicos Stavropoulos (Oxford) and George Pavlakos (Antwerp and Glasgow)
16:00 Coffee break
16:30 Papers by Scott Herschowitz (Ann Arbor) and Ralph Wedgwood (Oxford)
18:00 End
19:00 Reception