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Conference on Transnational Human Rights Obligations, May 19-21, 2011



Beyond Territoriality: Globalisation and Transnational Human Rights Obligations (GLOTHRO)

Stock-Taking Conference - 19-21 May 2011 – Antwerp, Belgium

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On the topic
Human rights violations occur daily, all over the world. Sovereign States legally bear the primary responsibility for human rights violations. But what happens when these States are not able to live up to their human rights obligations? Do other States have extraterritorial obligations to help them out? What role should other actors (companies, international organisations) play? The conference starts out from the assumption that human rights obligations, in particular in the field of economic, social and cultural rights, need to be re-thought in the present era of globalisation.

On the conference
The conference will be an inter-disciplinary conference on globalisation and the disempowerment of the state (from government to governance), and how these developments affect legal regimes, in particular that of human rights. This conference seeks to take stock of the current state-of-the-art of scholarship on the impact of globalisation on the division of power among States and other powerful actors, including but not limited to transnational corporations and international organisations. It also aspires to provide an overview of a variety of regimes in international law that aim at accommodating shared responsibilities of different powerful players.

The detailed conference programme and the electronic registration form can be found on the conference website:

The full conference fee is 175 euro. Students fee is 50 euro, subject to procurement of evidence of registration as master student. Please note that travel and accommodation are NOT included. Participants have to book a hotel themselves. Check the conference website for suggestions on accommodation. Registration is final after receipt of payment. Registration closes on 25th of April 2011.
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