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B. Ackerman (Yale), 'Decline and Fall of the American Republic', 26 Nov 2010

Centre for Law and Cosmopolitan Values (Faculteit Rechten - University of Antwerp) and Glasgow Law School

‘The Decline and Fall of the American Republic’: A Workshop on Bruce Ackerman’s Constitutionalism

Date: November 26, 2010

Venue: Room M.107
2 Sint JacobStraat
University of Antwerp
2000 Antwerpen

The publication of “The Decline and Fall of the American Republic” (Harvard University Press, 2010) represents an opportunity to reflect and engage with the constitutional theory of Bruce Ackerman. In more than three decades, Ackerman’s impact on constitutional law and comparative public law has been massive. The workshop aims at examining and debating Ackerman’s contribution to constitutional theory by taking as a starting point the diagnosis and prognosis on American constitutionalism formulated in the new book.
The workshop will focus, in particular, on some of the most inspiring and original themes in Ackerman’s recent work: political representation, constitutional moments, separation of powers, deliberative politics, the emergency constitution. It also intends to outline the intertwinement among constitutional law, political philosophy and political science which characterises Ackerman’s work.
The workshop will bring together three discussants and the author, but it will be open to interventions and questions from the audience. The day will end with an open debate among participants.





14.00-15.30: Discussants’ papers

Chair: Stefan Sottiaux (Leuven)
Emilios Christodoulidis (Glasgow)
Alessandro Ferrara (Rome – Tor Vergata)
Marco Goldoni (Antwerp)
Agustin Menendez (Oslo)

15.30-15.45: Coffee Break

15.45-17.30: Reply and Debate
Bruce Ackerman (Yale)

Attendance is free. Registration is kindly required. In order to be registered, please send an email to: marco.goldoni@gmail.com