Universiteit Antwerpen

Second Antwerp-Glasgow Doctoral Colloquium, May 7-8, 2009

This year's colloquium invites doctoral researchers from Antwerp and Glasgow to discuss their work in progress on the following topic: "The Common Good in Law". The colloquium will take place at the Antwerp Law School on the 7th and 8th of May 2009.






The Common Good in Law
Second Antwerp-Glasgow Doctoral Colloquium


Thursday May 7th
(Room D424)

13.30-14.30: Prof. Ruth Dukes (Glasgow Law School): Opening Lecture: The Commong Good in Labour Law

First Panel:
14.30-16.00: International Private Law and the Common Good
Chair: Dr Bart Volders (Antwerp)
Marie Collard (Toulouse and Antwerp): The Common Good in the Relation between Private Parties
Alen Balde (Glasgow): The Role of Private Parties Interests in Formulating the “Common Good” within the Area of Antitrust Law
Atabong Tamo (Antwerp): Multinational Corporate Governance, Whose Thing Is It?

Coffe Break

Second Panel:
16.30-18.00: Legal Theory and the Common Good
Chair: Prof. Emilios Christodoulidis (Glasgow)
Marco Goldoni (Antwerp) & Christopher McCorkindale (Glasgow): The Role of the Courts in Hannah Arendt’s Political Constitutionalism
Josemaria Carabante Carabante & Antonio Ferrer (Universidad Complutense Madrid): Postmodernity and the Common Good: Rorty and Maritain
Honor McAdam (Glasgow): Law, Morality and the Common Good

Friday May 8th
Rooms R212 and R213

Third Panel:
10.00-12.00: Public Law and the Common Good
Chair: Prof. Patricia Popelier (Antwerp)
Quoc Loc Hong (Antwerp): The ECJ. A Political Court in Search of the Common Good
Petr Novotny (Antwerp): Balancing the Common Good
Anne Meuwese (Antwerp): Transatlantic Diffusion and Side Effects of “Better Regulation”
Mohammad Abrar (Glasgow): Neighbouring Rights and Public Interest


Fourth Panel:
13.00-15.00: Human Rights and the Common Good
Chair: Prof. Wouter Vandenhole (Antwerp)
Frankie McCarthy (Glasgow): Article 1 of the First Protocol to the ECHR: the Role of an Economic Right in Promoting the Common Good
Nlerum Okogbule (Glasgow): Re-Appraising the Impact of Globalisation on Human Rights
Gregor Clunie (Glasgow): Globalisation and the Corporatisation of the Common Good
Vidyaranya Chakravarthy (Antwerp): Should We Trust Google?

Coffe Break

Fifth Panel:
15.30-17.00: The Common Good in International Public Law
Chair: Prof. Koen De Feyter (Antwerp)
Ania Salinas (Glasgow): Justice as an Integral Part of Peace and the Transitional Soceities’ Common Good
Geeta Oboy (Warwick): The Role of Judicial Education
Hakeem Yusuf (Glasgow): Undemocratic Paradox and the Common Good: An Unaccounted Judiciary and Challenges of Political Transition in Post-Authoritarian Nigeria

17.00-18.00: Prof. Hans Lindhal (Tilburg): Plenary Closing Lecture:  “A-legality: The Question of Legal Boundaries”

19.00: Reception: Blindestraat 14