Universiteit Antwerpen

Tyler Burge on The Origins of Normativity, May 24th 2013

Professor Tyler Burge (UCLA, Department of Philosophy) will deliver a graduate seminar entitled "The Origins of Normativity" on May 24th 2013. The seminar will focus on the issues expounded in his 2007 Dewey Lectures I (Some Origins of Self) and II (Self and Constitutive Norms) published in the Journal of Philosophy (vol.108, no 6/7, 2011, link here: journalofphilosophy.org/articles/108/108-6-7.htm# )

This event is co-organized and co-sponsored by the Centre for Law and Cosmopolitan Values (Faculty of Law) and the Centre for Philosophical Psychology (Department of Philosophy).

Those who may wish to acquire a deeper acquaintance with the background of ideas permeating the above two lectures are advised to include in their readings the following two sources:

1. BURGE, T. (2009), 'Primitive Agency and Natural Norms', Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, 79: 251–278. doi: 10.1111/j.1933-1592.2009.00278.x

2. Chapter 8 ("Biological and Methodological Backgrounds") of Prof. Burge's book "Origins of Objectivity" (Oxford University Press, 2010).


The seminar will take place on May 24th, 11:00-13:00 in room R.013 (Rodestraat 14).

For registration please contact: trriantafyllos.gkouvas@uantwerpen.be