Universiteit Antwerpen

The Public Role of Art, Oct-Dec 2011

A series of 5 seminars offered by Prof G Pavlakos and Dr M Goldoni to masters students from the Antwerp Royal Academy of Arts (KASKA) and the faculty of law, University of Antwerp.

The seminars will question the standard picture that takes art to be striving toward an ideal and, instead, propose an alternative understanding on which artistic activity is a public endeavour that involves a wider interpretative community. The seminars will be conducted in a lively and inclusive mode, inviting academics and artists to engage in free-style discussion. Finally, the participants will be encouraged to discuss in class their own work in progress over a special workshop. Throughout the seminars will rely on texts, audio-visual materials and the individual work of the class members.

A number of International scholars will be invited to discuss their ideas (programme). The series will conclude with a field trip to the TATE modern in London to view the exhibition 'Panorama: Max Richter'.

Professor Pavlakos and Dr Goldoni kindly acknowledge the generous financial support of a BOF - Academisering grant awarded by the University fo Antwerp and the ARTESIS.



14/09: Intro

17/10: Art and Counterfactuals

07/11: Andreas Takis (Thessaloniki University): Law, Politics and Art

18/11: Emiliios Christodoulidis (Glasgow University): The Infallible Cry

05/12: Hans Maes (Kent University) and Bence Nanay (University of Antwerp): Ethicism and Neo-formalism